Celebration of Life and Memorial Cruises

Saying goodbye to someone you love is one of the hardest parts of life and we understand how important it is to be able to do this in your own way. We are pleased to offer our services for Scattering of Ashes, or Memorial Cruises to remember and celebrate their life together with your family and friends.

These services are unique to each person and we are happy to help accommodate any requests which you may have where possible, including specific locations, toast drinks, catering and entertainment.

Ashes Scattering:

Whether you are planning a very small and personal gathering to simply scatter ashes during a short ceremony or would like to be able to invite your extended family and friends and hold a celebration of life, we can offer a wide range of charter options to ensure that the occasion is both personal and appropriate.

Prices available upon enquiry

Memorial Cruises:

You may like to be able to hold a bit more of a party to celebrate a wonderful life, invite your extended friends and family and have a few drinks and some food on board. We are able to offer a wide range of options for bespoke private charter cruises – you will find more information below and please do not hesitate to contact us (direct link to private charter enquiry form) with any specific enquiries.

These services are available all year round on the calm-assured waters of the River Exe, and available throughout the summer months (April-October) for any sea-going cruises. It is important to note that any sea-going cruises are subject to favourable weather conditions and may need to be postponed in the event of poor weather if your request specifically requires going out to sea.

Please view our boat hire prices, catering and entertainment options below.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you scatter ashes from a boat?
Yes. You are permitted to scatter ashes overboard during your remembrance cruise. This will be pre-arranged with the company.

2. Can I have my ashes scattered at sea?
Yes. You are allowed to scatter ashes at sea. Any items placed into the sea with the ashes must be biodegradable.

3. Do you need permission to spread ashes at sea?
Yes. When scattering ashes at sea by boat, you must prearrange this with the Master of the vessel.

4. Can I scatter ashes during one of your general public cruises?
No. We politely request that you do not scatter ashes during any cruise without permission from the Master of the Vessel.


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