Impress your guests with the spectacular taste of the South West! With menus to suit every style and budget, from BBQs to Buffets and everything in between, we are sure that we have got something to get your taste buds going!

We will liaise directly with our nominated caterers and help to plan the perfect menu for you and your guests. Below you will see a few of the sample menus we have to offer but if these are not exactly to your taste then we will be happy to seek alternative options for you.

Sample Buffet Menus (7)
Sample Buffet Menus (6)
Sample Buffet Menus (5)
Sample Buffet Menus (4)

Our caterers are able to cater for specific dietary requirements including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free etc. however, it is important to note that whilst every effort is made to avoid cross contamination in their kitchens, this cannot be guaranteed. Please note, the above prices are based on a minimum requirement of 35 guests. 


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