Rain, Rain, Go Away but you WON’T spoil my Day!

Don’t Let the Rain Dampen Your Devon Adventure: Why Stuart Line Cruises Makes a Perfect Rainy Day Out

The skies turn gray, a cool breeze picks up, and raindrops pitter-patter against the window. Disappointment sets in – your plans for a sunny day by the Devon coast seem washed away. But fear not, intrepid explorer! A rainy day in Devon doesn’t have to mean a canceled adventure. In fact, a Stuart Line Cruise with its comfortable boats, captivating scenery, and unique charm can be an even more delightful experience when the weather takes a turn for the dramatic.

Here’s why a Stuart Line Cruise is the perfect antidote to a rainy day in Devon:

Cozy Comfort Awaits:

Let’s face it, sometimes the best way to experience a rainy day is from the comfort of a warm, dry space. Stuart Line Cruises boasts spacious and well-maintained boats designed to keep you comfortable throughout your journey. Relax in the heated, covered lower saloon with large panoramic windows. The gentle rocking of the boat and the rhythmic patter of rain on the windows can be surprisingly soothing, creating a cozy and tranquil atmosphere.

Unveiling a Different Kind of Beauty:

While sunshine paints the Devon coastline in vibrant hues, rain adds a whole new dimension of beauty. Imagine the rolling hills cloaked in a mist, the cliffs glistening with rain droplets, and the churning sea displaying a mesmerizing array of grays and blues. The muted tones create a dramatic and often romantic ambiance, perfect for appreciating the raw power and beauty of nature.

Wildlife Watching Takes Center Stage:

A rainy day can be surprisingly good for wildlife watching. Birds often become more active after a downpour, seeking out worms and insects that emerge from the damp soil. Our regular passengers on our Birdwatching Cruises will tell you this! The knowledgeable crew on board can help you identify different species and share fascinating facts about their behavior.

Uninterrupted Exploration:

One of the biggest advantages of a boat trip on a rainy day is the lack of crowds. Many tourists might be deterred by the weather, giving you a more intimate and peaceful experience. You’ll have ample space to move around the boat, take unobstructed photos, and enjoy the scenery without feeling rushed. This allows for a more immersive and serene exploration of the coastline & River Exe.

A Feast for the Senses:

While you might not be able to sunbathe on a rainy day, Stuart Line Cruises elevates your experience through other senses. The crisp air carries the invigorating scent of the sea and damp earth. The rhythmic sound of waves against the boat and the cries of seabirds create a natural soundtrack that is both calming and exciting. You can even indulge in a delicious hot beverage or a light snack from the fully-licensed bar, adding a touch of warmth and comfort to your journey.

A Journey of Discovery:

Regardless of the weather, a Stuart Line Cruise offers a captivating journey of discovery. The experienced skippers provide insightful live commentary throughout the trip, sharing exciting stories about the local history, geology, and wildlife. You’ll learn about the Jurassic Coast’s fascinating prehistoric past, the unique ecosystem of the River Exe, and hidden gems along the way depending on your trip of choice. This intellectual stimulation keeps you engaged and enriches your understanding of the region.

A Family-Friendly Escape:

Rainy days can be a challenge for families with young children. But a Stuart Line Cruise offers a fun and educational escape. The spacious boats allow kids to move around freely, and the interactive commentary by the crew keeps them engaged. Plus, spotting wildlife and the exciting movement of the boat provide natural entertainment. There’s also the option of a family-friendly cruise with themed activities like “Sail with Santa” or fireworks spectaculars, making it an even more memorable experience.

Beyond the Cruise: Exploring Local Delights:

While the boat trip itself is a delightful adventure, your day doesn’t have to end there. Most Stuart Line Cruises depart from Exmouth, a charming town with a vibrant atmosphere. Take shelter in a cozy cafe, explore the local museum, or browse through unique shops. The rain can be an excuse to delve into the town’s history and culture, offering a different perspective on your Devon adventure.

Creating Lasting Memories:

Sometimes, the most memorable experiences are born out of unexpected circumstances. Embracing a rainy day boat trip can lead to unique moments of connection with your loved ones, laughter shared amidst the sounds of rain, and a deeper appreciation for the natural world’s beauty. These memories, forged in a slightly unconventional way, can be even more cherished in the long run.

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