A Poem a Day to keep Social Isolation at Bay

Good afternoon, folks!

Well, I was sad indeed to hear the news yesterday evening, that the lockdown restrictions will be further extended for at least another 3 weeks. Of course, I fully support this – it would be far too risky to lift restrictions at this point and undo all of the great effort which we have so far committed, in our joint fight against the spread of COVID-19. I feel sad, but keep reminding myself that I am ‘safe’ at home and not ‘stuck’ at home.

Yesterday evening was of course Thursday evening – my new favourite evening of the week, when I can generally be found on my balcony clapping as loudly as I can whilst waving to my neighbours and trying my hardest not to burst into tears! I usually fail at this part and spend the remainder of the evening trying to pull myself back together again. I am so immensely proud of the NHS and all carers and key workers; as soon as 8pm strikes and the roar of clapping, cheering and whooping from all corners throughout Exmouth fills the air, it’s just so overwhelming and beautiful.

Last night was particularly special; I ended up combining my dog walk with the 8pm applause and much to my delight (not the hound’s, mind you!), one of my neighbours was playing the bagpipes out on their balcony. The sound was just glorious; everyone was so drawn to it whilst keeping their distance from their driveways, windows and balconies and it felt like a bit of a street party or carnival! I have never actually met my bagpipe-playing neighbour but huge thanks to you, you really made my day and no doubt that of so many other nearby people.

Onward to our next wonderful poem!

Today’s poem truly is wonderful and makes me think of the infinite benefits to be found from slowing down a little, stopping and admiring nature and connecting with it. Nature appears to be thriving – springing into life and this feeling is transferable to the human mind, body and soul – you just have to take a moment to immerse yourself in it.

The Touch Of Life

Like a stream of blue paint through green
The river meanders
I take soft, small steps of care
My mind already wanders
In the woods amongst the trees
I pick up my pace
As I locate the tree
Amongst the trees I race
Reaching out with my fingers
To connect with life
Life pulls me towards it with open arms
My thoughts arrive
I surround it
Like gently tying a bow
My heart and mind connect
And not just that, it follows my soul
This special lifeblood that only exists
From leaf to root and only to me
The tree that gives life will always be here
My mind shall listen and eyes shall see

Written by Cheryl Duerden 

I hope that you have enjoyed reading today’s poem as much as I have and I hope that next time you step out for your daily exercise, you take a moment to stop, look, see and truly appreciate something beautiful.


Lauren X

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