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Welcome to July’s edition of Stuart Line Cruises’ Newsletter…

We just cannot believe how incredible the weather has been so far! This month’s updates include:

  • Jurassic Coast – Including the Sidmouth Folk Festival!
  • Purbeck Ice Cream
  • Teignmouth Carnival

Jurassic Coast Adventures

“Oh, the things you will find, if only you don’t stay behind!” – Dr Seuss

We have found, most recently more than ever, that this quote is absolutely true. We sail our popular Jurassic Coast Cruises (with or without a luxurious Devon Cream Tea) most days at this time of year but the past two months have been somewhat extra special.

For a start, the sea conditions have been, without exception,  perfect – for those who are less well brushed up on their Shipping Forecast, we should point out that what with the glorious blue skies and positively tropical hot sunny days which we have been experiencing, usually comes those strong Easterly winds – the sort that create large waves and can on some occasions prevent us from sailing. Instead, we have enjoyed flat calm and unusually clear waters, excellent visibility and of course, the beautiful sunshine.

Many people will already be aware that the Jurassic Coast is a unique and historically significant walk through time. The rocks and fossils along this stretch of coastline unveil intricate details of the Earth’s past and why it looks the way that it does today. The landslides, cliffs and beaches tell us huge amounts about the processes which have and continue to form our planet – amid perfect weather conditions, we have actually witnessed such landslides first hand, on more than one occasion.

Exploring this ever-changing coastline from the safe and exclusive perspective which our vessel provides, continues to present marvelous variety in the landscape and an exciting and good value 2.5 hours, well spent.

We are very much looking forward to the Sidmouth Folk Festival from 6th – 8th August this year, during which we will be carrying passengers a little further along the Jurassic Coast than usual, from Exmouth to Sidmouth, where they will be dropped ashore to enjoy approximately 3 hours at the vibrant festival, before returning back to Exmouth. Not only will passengers receive a full and detailed commentary of the geology of the Jurassic Coast along the way, but they will also be able to enjoy the festival at their leisure, avoiding the hassle of traffic and parking in Sidmouth!

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!

Offering ice cream to buy during our cruises is something which we have been wanting to introduce for a while. However, various logistical details have presented complications over the years, such as where to store them overnight, as we are not able to leave our generator running for the freezers. As with the majority of the refreshments which we offer on board, we have always wanted to be able to provide an ice cream which has some sort of local or thematic connection to the service which we provide.

So, why have we chosen a product which is made in Dorset? Well, the answer is quite simple. Not only do these ice creams taste far superior to any which we have tasted before (and believe me, we sampled MANY prior to selecting this product!), they also contain no artificial anything – no gluten, all natural flavours and egg free, suitable for veggies, fully accredited as suitable for Halal (except the alcoholic flavours) and no added colours or nuts of any description, making them widely suitable for most people. Perhaps most significantly for us however, is the fact that for each tub of ice cream sold on the boat, Purbeck donates 5p to the Jurassic Coast Trust, independently supporting their excellent work to fund education and protection of our volatile and precious Jurassic Coastline. This is something which we are immensely passionate about and gives us the perfect ‘excuse’ to polish off ‘just one more’ tub!

Teignmouth Carnival Cruise

Although we sail along the South Devon Coastline every Thursday during the Summer months for our Torquay and Bixham Day Cruise, very rarely do we even enter the River Teign, let alond actually land in Teignmouth!

We are very excited to be running this cruise on Thursday 2nd August 2018, which will set sail from Exmouth at 6pm, dropping passengers in Teignmouth for approximately 3 hours, where they will be able to join in the midst of the carnival festivities, watch the carnival procession and soak up the atmosphere, without any of the stress or hassle of taking the car!On the return journey, passengers will be able to enjoy what will undoubtedly be the BEST view of the spectacular firework display from the boat!

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