Dear readers, I hope you are keeping well? I must first and foremost apologise for my absence for the past few days (although it is very presumptuous of me to assume that you have missed me!). Time is passing in a very strange sort of way, don’t you think? On the one hand, we are

Ahoy there, sailor!   How are you today? Another drizzly start but brighter this afternoon and the gardens are looking so much better for it! Today’s poem is rather lovely, drawing upon the notion that if we could just stand still for a moment. Breathe. Stop. Look. Listen. Then we could all feel so much

Welcome to Stuart Line Cruises’ April Newsletter For those of you who are new to this monthly sign-up, welcome! And for those who have been loyal readers for some time, welcome back to your favourite read of the month!  Well here we are again – I quite simply cannot believe that it has been almost

Hello! I hope you’re keeping safe and well and feeling chipper, despite the rainy weather! Today’s poem was written by Jennifer and was inspired by her wonderful memories of Guided Bird Watching Cruises with us – happy times. GREENSHANKS Grey ghostly birds hunt sticklebacks in streams that flow through borderlines of estuary mud. They hunt

Good afternoon, dear readers!   I hope you are keeping well.   Today’s poem is short and sweet and really tickled me! For those who may not be aware, this makes reference to the selection of ales which we serve on board, from Exeter Brewery. Their most popular ale is called ‘Avocet’ and this is

Good afternoon, folks. I hope that you are keeping well and have had a wonderful weekend? I hope that you will enjoy reading today’s poem as much as I have.         THE SEA She lies very still in the scorching hot sun Then slowly she covers the sand In the steep jagged

Good day, folks! I trust this finds you well? The skies are a little more grey here in Exmouth today and I feel a little light-hearted poem will be just the thing to lift spirits and brighten the day! We have already enjoyed a poem written by Fran and Mac and whether you’re a cat

Ahoy there! Happy Earth Day! A perfect sort of day to celebrate nature and the natural world and what could be more fitting than a gorgeous little poem? Today’s poem was written by a child and was sent to me in picture form. It is absolutely beautiful and has clearly taken much time and thought.

Good day to you, dear friends! As ever, I do hope that you are keeping safe and well. It is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 94th Birthday! The Queen requested no celebrations today – in light of the current situation with COVID-19, she felt it would be somewhat inappropriate. However, today marks the birth of

Dear readers, I trust I find you well? Firstly, thank you to all of our wonderful loyal customers who have been sending emails and messages of support and love over the past few weeks – it really does mean the world! There is no doubt that these are challenging times and like so many, we