There’s no such thing as ‘bad weather’…

…just the wrong clothing!

Ah yes, that classic combination – Britain and rain! It even (almost) rhymes. It is true to say that Britain does indeed have a reputation for being a rainy place and Exmouth is no exception but the reality is more nuanced. In reality, Britain’s average rainfall isn’t actually that high compared to other countries but it does tend to be more evenly spread throughout the year, giving us plenty of drizzly days rather than shorter and more intense downpours.

But this can only be a good thing, right? Surely this must mean that we are all well-prepared for such conditions! In our experience, yes, it does.

Winter boat trips in Devon offer a unique and exciting way to experience the dramatic coastline and diverse wildlife of the region, even when the weather isn’t always sunny and our winter schedule is bursting with a wide variety of memorable experiences for all. In addition to our scenic Winter River Exe Cruises, we also offer award-winning Guided Bird Watching Cruises during winter. Partnering with local ornithologists, these cruises provide an excellent opportunity to spot various birds like Brent Geese, Pintails, and Oystercatchers.

A popular perception may be that boat trips are not conducive with rain but we could not disagree more heartily! In fact, we believe that the opposite is true – our boats have fully covered and heated decks with large panoramic windows for excellent viewing and therefore it could in fact be argued that our boat trips make for the perfect rainy day activity. What’s more, we are based in Exmouth, at the mouth of the River Exe, which is sheltered from the sea, meaning that we do not get rough water conditions in the river, no matter what!

Not only are our natural surroundings relentlessly spoiling and our boats modern and comfortable, our Crew are what really make it. They are warm, friendly and conscientious – they really cannot do enough to make their passengers feel welcome, ensuring a truly exceptional experience, no matter what. Nothing is too much trouble.

So, next time you are asking yourself ‘what can I do on a rainy day’, look no further than Stuart Line Cruises (although, make sure you book ahead – our cruises are very often over-subscribed and if you wait for the weather forecast, it’ll probably be sold out)!

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