Stuart Line Cruises supports sustainability

Here at Stuart Line Cruises, offering our boat trips is just a small part of what it takes to run the business. One key area we look at is to develop the methods to support everything local.

Food and Drink

We aim to buy and source all our food and drink locally, including sourcing the thousands of mince pies for Christmas, a selection of locally made drinks, and even homemade produce sourced locally from within Exmouth.


Whether it be on the boats or in the office we recycle absolutely everything we can to do our part in helping the environment.  On the boats you will find our colour-coded recycling bins to help make it quick and simple for passengers and crew to recycle their rubbish.

Repairs and Maintenance 

We have high standards when it comes to looking after our vessels, and ensuring they are in the best conditions is a top priority.

Any major works needed, we aim to use a local shipworks in Cornwall. For smaller repairs and decoration, we aim to carry out repairs locally using locally sourced materials wherever possible. For example, using locally made products like Coach-Kote made by our very own local Exmouth company, Wilsons Paints.

Marketing and promotion

Supporting local goes even further than just the physical things needed to keep the boats in operation. We also try to use local companies for promotional material. For example this very website, our print, design and photography are all carried out by Vibrant Pulse, a locally based marketing company with an ethos of supporting everything local, just like us.


We try to get involved within the community as much as possible which is why we will always try to support charitable causes and local incentives. For example, we are members of the Town team and Tourism Forum which is run by Exmouth Town Council where we offer our input into how to improve the town further. Further more, we help raise thousands of pounds a year for local charities.